The Greatest Formula One Beard – Harald Ertl

Austrian Harald Ertl is well-remembered for being one of the drivers who got Niki Lauda out of his burning car after a horrific accident in the 1976 German Grand Prix.

Harald Ertl 3Harald Ertl is also remembered for having the greatest beard and moustache in Formula One history.

Ertl worked his way up the motor racing ladder after buying himself a Formula Five car in 1969, eventually driving in Formula One from 1975-1978.

While you couldn’t exactly call his career distinguished, he barely won any races, but still climbed the ladder through Formula Three and Touring Cars. A couple of podiums in Formula Two got him enough sponsorship to drive in Formula One, which was apparently more important than actual talent back in the day.

I think we can agree that the beard helped massively. Imagine how many clean-shaven fools drove for years, winning and improving but just never got the breaks? Harald did.

Harald Ertl 2

Just look at him, I’d employ him right now.

The flamboyant moustache is the cherry on top of the big, hairy cake. In a time when driver safety wasn’t exactly a number one priority, Ertl laughed in the face of danger with all that extra protection.

Harald Ertl


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