Beard World Cup Semi Finals

Groups A & B
Groups C & D
Groups E & F
Groups G & H
Second Round
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals

Cameroon 1 – 0 Italy

Most pundits thought Cameroon had done fantastically well to get this far, but to beat one of the favourites have made people sit up and take notice. This Cameroon team is the real deal, and who could have predicted that before the tournament? The Italians are one of the all time great beardy teams, still a long way to go to beat their rugby counterparts, but very entertaining led of course by the big man Andrea Pirlo and his stylish sexy beard.

Pirlo 2

Spain 1 – 2 Greece (aet)

Huge game in the Beard World Cup semi-finals as two more hirsute heavyweights go head to head. Spain are of course famous for their classy beard game, keeping it short and simple and not letting the opponent get a look in. Contrast that with the brash, aggressive Greek beards and you’ve got a great game. After going behind early, the Greeks dug in, got a late equaliser which destroyed the Spanish self beard belief and went on to score the winner in injury time. Xabi Alonso will not be happy to retire without one last trophy.

Xabi Alonso 3The final:

Cameroon vs Greece


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