Beard of the Month – June 2014

The winner is…

Andrea Pirlo

pirlo_2938884bOh, Andrea. You may have a girl’s name, but what a man you are. Despite losing the top Italian beard crown earlier this year, he stills sets the standard for modern bearded style.

Knocked out of the World Cup early, he’ll probably head back to his vineyards and contemplate his teammates facial inferiority. Said to have been retiring, but now reconsidering due to Italy’s dismal performance.

sexy pirlo beard

Pirlo 2

The runners up.

Moeen Ali

Moeen aliAli is a new name to International cricket, having made his debut this year and quickly hitting his first century to salvage a draw against Sri Lanka. However, what should be noted above all else is oh my god look at the beard. Just imagine trying to lob a cricket ball at his stumps without being totally mesmerised by it. Possibly one of the longest beards in modern top class sport.

Dider Drogba

DrogbaDrogba’s beard was not enough to drag the Ivory Coast through the group stages of the World Cup. It seems Didier’s time away from Chelsea has ignited his passion for beard growing and he’s spent the time well. Great to see some of the veterans of football finally understanding what it’s all about.

Raul Meireles

MeirelesArguably the beard of the tournament so far. This photo makes him look a bit like Hugh Jackman made up for a pirate film, but don’t let that put you off. Meireles has been swashbuckling his way through the opposition for years, pillaging the odd goal and making strikers walk the plank. Ok fine, the pirate thing didn’t work, but Meireles caused a storm on twitter every time Portugal played.


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