Beard of the Month – May 2014

The winner is…

Geraint Walsh

Geraint Walsh 2The Welsh Rugby Writers Association Premiership Player of the Year. Easy to see why. Rather D’arcy-esque and wonderfully ginger.

Geraint Walsh 3

Geraint Walsh


The runners up…

Jake Buxton

Jake Buxton 2Buxton’s buxom beard led Derby to the Championship playoff final, but unfortunately lost out to QPR. Another year in the Championship will keep this beauty out of the limelight for at least another season.

Sébastien Chabal

France's Sebastien Chabal sits on the bench after being substituted during their Six Nations rugby union match against England in LondonRetired this month after 16 years of Rugby Union, dragon slaying and damsel rescuing. We may never see his like again.

Kaupo Margusonov


Guided his third tier team to the semi final of the Eesti Karikas, or the Estonian Cup. A classic big man who can play either at the back or up top.



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