Sébastien Chabal

Rugby player. French International. Medieval Warrior-King. Beard.

These can only jointly be applied to one man, Sébastien Chabal.

Chabal Terminator

Oh, and apparently also a Terminator.

Let’s rewind, here he is naked-faced.

Just look at the state of him.

Now look at him.Chabal 2

You do not mess with this man or this beard.

Chabal has been a professional since 1998 playing for Bourgoin, Sale Sharks, Racing Métro 92 and Lyon. He has also earned 62 caps for France and has been the highest paid Rugby Union player in France since 1997. This is largely due to his distinct looks, and the nickname l’Homme des Cavernes – The Caveman.

Personally I see him more as a Crusader Knight, slaying heathens with a broadsword from the back of a mighty steed, or wooing damsels with a quick shake of the beard.

France's Sebastien Chabal sits on the bench after being substituted during their Six Nations rugby union match against England in LondonThe big man is hanging up his boots this Sunday after a final game against La Rochelle.

A true legend of bearded sportsman. We may never see his kind again.

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