World’s Strongest Man 2013

I used to be an avid watcher of World’s Strongest Man (WSM), but have unfortunately missed the last few years. This year, however, I was right back in it.

And what a year for beards.

The standout for me was the strength of the English contingent. And I don’t mean lifting big stones and lobbing kegs over their heads (Seriously, how did no one brain themselves doing that?). The beards, oh the beards…

English-strongmenThe Englishman here (From top left, clockwise)
Terry Hollands, Mark Felix, Lloyd Renals and Eddie Hall.

Terry Hollands is the most experienced of the team, having been at various points England’s, Britain’s and the UK’s Strongest Man, and has reached the final of WSM for the last 9 years, finishing 3rd on two occasions.

Mark Felix is the oldest competitor in WSM at 47 years old!

For me, Eddie Hall is Britain’s Strongest Bearded Man. I bet he has a massive motorbike too.

If England are Team Beard in this competition, the USA are definitely Team Goatee.

USA-strongmenNick Best, Mike Burke and Brian Shaw

The winner of December’s Beard of the Month was American, Robert Oberst. Not content with a goatee, he went all the way.

Robert Oberst 1He’s so new to the sport, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, but is already making a big name for himself in the Strong Man world.

Speaking exclusively to BeardWatch (well sort of, he tweeted me anyway), Robert said:

I’d like to thank my producer and my team of hair care professionals. LOL

The ultimate Strong Man Beard must be Geoff Capes.Geoff-capes-3There may have been bigger and better beards (unlikely), but Geoff is the only man to win the competition with a beard. Twice. The first of only 3 Brits to win and he still holds the UK Shot Put record from 1980.

Bush-faced ball-throwing man-monster.

What other beards have you spotted in the competition? Let us know in the comments below!


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