2013 Formula 1 Beards

Formula 1 driver may not be the most obvious of bearded sports, but the Brazil Grand Prix showed the drivers finally awakening to the power of the beard.

Brazil Grand PrixI make that 7 beards! Both Toro Rosso drivers (top right) Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Éric Vergne, and (bottom row left to right) Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Sebastien Vettel, and both Mclaren drivers Jenson Button and Sergio Perez. What a fantastic effort from a beard backward sport.

Lewis Hamilton is worth a shout for persevering over the last few years in a sport that requires a tight fitting helmet.

Lewis Hamilton 1

He’s gone for the chin strap beard, and has done for a few years now. Maybe as a reaction to being such a babyfaced rookie when he started at the top table of motor racing. We can only speculate that his off and on relationship with Nicole Scherzinger was due to her wanting him to grow a bigger beard.

The best beard of the lot has to be Jenson Button’s ginger number.

Jenson ButtonHow he fits this chin helmet in his crash helmet, I do not know.

Sebastian Vettel, Fernando AlonsoAnd as if proof were needed of beard superiority here’s Fernando Alsonso (left) and Sebastien Vettel (right) who comfortably finished 2nd and 1st in the Driver’s Championship.

Well done Formula One, you’re on the way up!


One thought on “2013 Formula 1 Beards

  1. I wouldn’t employ a guy that didn’t groom himself properly, and that includes shaving! Alonso and Webber can grow proper beards but the rest of them can only grow bumfluff! You’d think with all the money they get they’d be able to buy a razor!

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