Rugby League World Cup Team Beards

Ahead of the Rugby League World Cup Semi-Finals we present the team competition – Best Bearded Team of the Tournament. We’ll also be counting down to the best individual beard of the tournament this week revealing the winner before the final next Saturday.

In the team competition we look at quantity, quality and variety.

3rd – New Zealand:

NZ Rugby LeagueVery strong efforts from Kasiano and Pritchard lead the way here and i’m sure provide inspiration for the rest of the team. Moa and Whare have just got a chin beard going on, whilst there are a few others on the stubble/beard tipping point.

2nd – Fiji

Fiji Rugby League

Let’s try not to be distracted by the hair. Some excellent individual beards happening in this team which help just lift them ahead of New Zealand. Notable beards from Sims, Koroibete and Nauqe, whilst this photo of Waqa is a bit Wolverine-esque.

However there can only be one winner:

1st – France

France Rugby LeagueFantastic effort from nearly the whole team here, the majority of them rocking some kind of facial foliage. Some excellent grooming here, no particularly shaggy or bushy beards and lots of manly stubble.

Special mentions for Baile, Bosc, Larroyer and Maria.

Congratulations France, you are the winners of our first ever Best Tournament Team on BeardWatch.

Allez le barbe!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve spotted any beards that should be celebrated.


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