Mo Farah – Story of a Beard

Mo Farah is arguably one of the world’s greatest long distance runners.

There has been much talk of him moving to the USA and running in Africa that has helped him get to where he is now. But we all know the truth.


Mo Farah 2006Here he is at the 2006 European Championships without a beard.  He only got a silver in the 5,000m, which is rubbish.

Mo Farah 2008No beard in Beijing either. Didn’t make the Olympic 5,000m final. Didn’t even bother with the 10,000m, because he had no beard and was rubbish.

Mo Farah 2010That’s more like it, tache and pokey outy chin beard. Gold in the 5,000m and 10,000, but it’s only the 2010 European Championships (Which are a bit rubbish)…

Mo Farah 2011Mo took the sensible decision to keep the goatee and won Gold  at the 2011 World Championship in Daegu. However, here he is winning silver (ie “losing”)  in the 10,000m.

Farah set for superstars revivalHome advantage is usually talked up when Mo won gold in the 5,000m and 10,000m in the London Olympics 2012. It’s more likely the closer trim of the chin beard, and those few dignified greys that really won it for him.

mo farah 2013Clearly onto a winning formula, Mo won the same two events at the Moscow World Championships a year later.

All thanks to that little chin beard and moustache. This is a tale of perseverance. Not all beards have to be huge, but all can be mighty.

Who else has had a beard that has so obviously given it’s owner super powers? Let us know!


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