Gordon D’arcy

Ah, the Autumn Internationals. Where millions of people declare themselves rugby fans for a couple of weeks until the next tournament.

Yesterday, there was a heavyweight clash between Ireland and Samoa and the game was single-handedly won by Gordon D’arcy. Probably.

d'arcyHere he is with Brian O’Driscoll, with whom D’arcy has started a record equaling 51 times in the centre. There was worries that the pair wouldn’t be able to start, but Head Coach Joe Schmidt was obviously powerless in the face of this face.

Gordon D'Arcy and Jamie Heaslip 8/11/2013A beard that makes him look old beyond his 33 years, but in a good way.  A look of wisdom and dignity. A look that suggests, to me at least, that a small bird might live on his shoulder and be allowed to store food within the beard.

Gordon D'Arcy with fans 29/10/2013D’arcy inspiring the next generation of beard enthusiasts. These kids don’t know it, but they’re starting on the road to something glorious.

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