Beard Memories…

Thanks to Oli (@spoolfrog) for sending this to !

Just thought I’d drop you a line with my favourite ever bit of beard-related sports commentary. This goes back to the year 2000 I think, or maybe 2001, I was watching the Super 12 Rugby (as it then was) on Sky Sports. As the teams ran out the commentator came out with this pearler in his strong kiwi accent (it sounds loads better if you say it to yourself in kiwi accent, too):

 “Well the Auckland Blues have been on the road for three weeks straight now…and as you can see, that’s given some members of the squad… the opportunity…to grow beards.”  Long pause.  “And that’s what makes this such a great competition.

Would love some video/audio on this if anyone can dig it up!

It’d also be good to see any other beard related commentary videos or memories of beards past. Please email