Euro 2016 Bearded XI

What a tournament! One thing you can rely on these European types for is a decent selection of beards.

However, BeardWatch does not need his soon-to-be-cancelled EU passport to find the Beard of the Tournament, because that is Wales’ very own Joe Ledley!

The big Welshman now looks bang on for Beard of the Year, unless something bizarre and drastic happens. Not even breaking his leg could keep him out of the Welsh squad, THAT’s what a beard can do for you.

The Euro Bearded XI is an attacking 3-5-2 affair, as three bearded men at the back is you really need.


Matúš Kozáčik, Slovakia

The goalkeeper department was a little thin on the ground, and Kozáčik wins out over Northern Ireland’s Alan Mannus because he actually played.


Juanfran, Spain

Juanfran has the cold dead eyes of a killer, and a beard so dense and dark that it creates conditions similar to a black hole close to its surface.

Sergio Ramos, Spain

For all Spain’s attacking skill and flair, when it comes to penalties, this is the man they call up. That’s because power > skill any day, and a gingery beard on a Spaniard means that Sergio can take the flack.

Mërgim Mustafë Mavraj, Albania

Proving it’s not just the big names that make the Euro Bearded XI, Mavraj played well for the suspiciously under-bearded Albanians.


Jimmy Durmaz, Sweden

This is a beard that could go places, but just two appearances for Sweden means he mostly went unnoticed. His dual Swedish and Turkish heritage can only be a good thing for a beard.

Daniele De Rossi, Italy

I mentioned Juanfran’s cold dead eyes, and I rather think Daniele’s eyes are just as deadly, but would seriously enjoy it. A bearded veteran and favourite of BeardWatch easily makes the final XI.

Joe Ledley (c), Wales

What more needs to be said about Joe Ledley’s beard? Just look at it.


Aron Gunnarsson, Iceland

HUH! ….. HUH! Both the sound of Iceland’s now famous chant, as well as the noise you’d make if Aron Gunnarsson strolled past you on his way to the shops to buy a twix. A serious contender for Beard of the Tournament, and can take the armband if Ledley breaks his leg again.

Stuart Dallas, Northern Ireland

Stuart Dallas had a great run with a plucky Northern Irish side, and this terrific beard played a good part in that. Went out to Joe Ledley’s Wales, and there’s no shame in that.


Olivier Giroud, France

Scored the first goal of the tournament for France which shut up a lot of the haters that Olivier seems to have because he doesn’t score 60 goals a season. Led the French attack brilliantly, great shape and decent length.

Gareth Bale, Wales

OK, OK, I’m jumping on the Welsh bandwagon. Bale is clawing his way up to the very top table of football, and let’s at least applaud his effort to look like a proper man. If he keeps scoring, we’ll keep claiming him.


Roy Keane, Republic of Ireland

Technically an Assistant Manager, but it’s pretty obvious who’s pulling the strings. As if he wasn’t scary enough anyway, Roy Keane is a man never to be messed with.

How do you rate this Bearded XI? Join the #BeardWatch on twitter and post your favourite sports beards.

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