Best Beards in Golf

Apart from the legendary Frank Beard, and of course Old Tom Morris, golf for a long time was not considered to be a very beard-worthy sport.

However, there has been something of a changing of the guard of late with beards now becoming a more regular sight in a sport that has been somewhat beard bereft. When beards are involved, it can only be a good thing.

Perhaps if Tiger Woods had grown a beard, he would not have strayed, who can really say? Let’s not beat around the chin bush any more and look at some of the best beards in the world of golf.

Graham DeLaet

Graham Delaet

According to his wife, the man has been growing the beard since the British Open finished in July last year, as he does every year. We think that might be a Canadian thing. He is big news on Twitter thanks to his beard – which is causing division between those who love it and those who thinks he is disrespectful to the game. As if. We salute you, Graham.

There is no big reason behind it – he just wanted to grow a proper beard and decided to watched videos and read guides to find out the best way to do it. However, if he starts winning more, we are sure it is all thanks to the beard.

Boo Weekley

Boo Weekley

Already considered to be one of the more likeable characters of the PGA Tour, Boo Weekley has seen his popularity increase undoubtedly thanks to the massive and full chin bush he has been rocking up to events since the start of 2016.

There is something stunning about Weekley’s beard. It obviously takes a lot of time and maintenance to keep that fine grey beard in such stunning condition. Whether his beard effects his performance or not, remains to be seen.

Joey Garber

Joey Garber

Although Joey Garber is still considered something of a rookie on the Golf Tour, his beard is anything but a rookie’s. It is encouraging to see such a young guy, playing the sport he loves and is rather good at, in a full beard that makes him look like he could easily start work as a lumberjack tomorrow. Mr Garber, keep up the good work.

Shane Lowry

Shane Lowry 3

Shane Lowry is known in the world of golf for having one of the most endearing and friendliest faces, ever. It seems like Lowry has it all right now – winning smile, winning beard and as he seems to be finishing stronger and stronger over the last year – he may be winning all round soon.

Lucas Glover

Lucas Glover 3

To finish our list, we are actually going to pay our respects to one of our fallen. We are talking about Lucas Glover’s gloriously dense and deeply brown beard and sideburns. He has since gotten rid of it and we are sad to see it gone because while he had it, it was one of, if not the best beards in golf.

If you want to shape your beard into something similar, check out

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