Beard of the Month – January 2015

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Conor McGregor
Irish Mixed Martial Artist

Conor McGregor 1 Conor McGregor 2 Conor McGregor 4

McGregor has rapidly risen through the ranks of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but more impressive than his fighting record (17 wins from 19) is his style. Possibly one of the best dressed beardists in modern sport, McGregor can often be seen rocking a sharp suit and ginger beard. The moustache is well taken care of, and the whole look is one of style and control

Iwan Roberts
Welsh ex-footballer

Iwan Roberts 3 Iwan Roberts 2

The big Welshman had a career that unfortunately only gave him one season in the Premier League, but was a legend at every club he played for and is still loved by legions of fans across England. Now a commentator and pundit, Roberts has grown this magnificent beast to keep him warm when reporting pitch-side.

Martin Adams
English Darts player

martin adams 4 Martin Adams 3 Martin Adams 2

Bigger isn’t always better. Adams has been one of Britain’s most consistently world-class sportsmen for over twenty years and has been overlooked time and time again. He’s played in the last 22 BDO World Championships, winning 3, and always accompanied by this smart, understated beard. It’s obviously the key to his consistency and darts mastery.

Robert Oberst
American Strongman

1. Robert Oberst  1. Robert Oberst 34jpg1. Robert Oberst 2

The Sports Beard of the Year finalist recently won the World’s Strongest Beard, and it’s easy to see why. At 6’8″ and 400lbs, the big man needs a big beard and duly delivers. Oberst wears pink whenever he can to raise awareness and money for breast cancer charities.

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The Greatest Formula One Beard – Harald Ertl

Austrian Harald Ertl is well-remembered for being one of the drivers who got Niki Lauda out of his burning car after a horrific accident in the 1976 German Grand Prix.

Harald Ertl 3Harald Ertl is also remembered for having the greatest beard and moustache in Formula One history.

Ertl worked his way up the motor racing ladder after buying himself a Formula Five car in 1969, eventually driving in Formula One from 1975-1978.

While you couldn’t exactly call his career distinguished, he barely won any races, but still climbed the ladder through Formula Three and Touring Cars. A couple of podiums in Formula Two got him enough sponsorship to drive in Formula One, which was apparently more important than actual talent back in the day.

I think we can agree that the beard helped massively. Imagine how many clean-shaven fools drove for years, winning and improving but just never got the breaks? Harald did.

Harald Ertl 2

Just look at him, I’d employ him right now.

The flamboyant moustache is the cherry on top of the big, hairy cake. In a time when driver safety wasn’t exactly a number one priority, Ertl laughed in the face of danger with all that extra protection.

Harald Ertl

C Tolle Run Interviews Will Leer About His Beard

The 2014 Sports Beard of the Year is obviously enjoying his title and his fame is spreading. Below is an interview with Olympian Carrie Tollefson where Will gives us the lowdown on his beard, the award and running in 2015.

Carrie Tollefson on twitter: @CTolleRun
Will Leer on twitter: @William_Leer

World’s Strongest Beard 2014

The World’s Strongest Man final took place in August in LA, but for some reason it’s traditional to show it on UK television between Christmas and New Year. That means BeardWatch has been glued to the competition whilst desperately avoiding spoilers.

Strength Athletics has a fine tradition of bearded behemoths, and here are the Top Ten Beards from this year’s competitors.

10. Mark Felix, England

10. Mark Felix, EnglandThe oldest competitor in the field showing the kids how it’s done. @MarkFelixTV

10. Mark Felix lifting a 275lb anvil

9. Jerry Pritchett, USA

9. Jerry Pritchett, USAJerry Pritchett is the first American entry on the list, and shows off the ultimate chinstrap. @PritchettPower

9. Jerry Pritchett lifting a log above his head

8. Hafthor Bjornsson, Iceland

8. Hafthor Bjornsson, IcelandNot that I’d like to mess with any of these guys, but this Icelandic Mountain of a man holds a special terrifying place in that category. Bjornsson plays Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane in Game of Thrones in his spare time. @ThorBjornsson_8. Hafthor Bjornsson in the deadlift

7. Brian Shaw, USA

7. Brian Shaw ,USAShaw clearly uses a cookie cutter as the guide for his chin beard, and to good effect for a unique look. @ShawStrength

7. Brian Shaw lifting a log above his head

6. Warrick Brant, Australia

6. Warrick Brant, AustraliaAnother unique beard shape amongst the competitors is Australia’s Brant. No cheek coverage, but plenty of chin and neck coverage serves him well. @WarrickBrant6. Warrick Brant straining with a bar on his shoulders

5. Scott Cummine,Canada

5. Scott Cummine, CanadaCanada’s only entry in the list takes the prestigious title of Best Ginger Beard, which is always recognised as an extra mark of confidence in an increasingly anti-ginger beard world. @ScottCommine

5. Scott Cummine red-faced with strain in the deadlift

4. Mike Burke, USA

4. Mike Burke, USAMike Burke is very unlucky to finish outside the top 3 considering the sterling progress he’s made since last year’s goatee. This was a well-trimmed and shapely beard.

4. Mike Burke lifting a bar above his head

3. Eddie Hall, England

3. Eddie Hall, EnglandBig Eddie is Britain’s Strongest Beard. Hall’s beard personifies his fearless attitude and approach to Strongman. The mohawk, tats and that beard make for an intimidating opponent and will only get better in years to come. @EddieHallWSM3. Eddie Hall covered in sticky glue running between lifts

2. Gerhard van Staden, South Africa

2. Gerhard van Staden, South AfricaIn between training, the Southern Hemisphere’s Strongest Beard looks after lions in a sanctuary in South Africa. This is clearly the inspiration for his glorious mane, and helps make him the Alpha Lion in any pride.2. Gerhard van Staden roaring as he lifts a log above his head

1. Robert Oberst, USA

1. Robert Oberst, USABut it’s pre-competition favourite Robert Oberst who takes the overall title of World’s Strongest Beard. After trying American Football and bouncer work, eventually became a professional strongman with just four months of intensive training. He also wears pink whenever he can to support awareness of breast cancer, showing the big man has a big heart.

This massive beard was unmatched for sheer length and volume at this year’s competition and is a worthy winner. @RobertOberst

1. Robert Oberst struggling to lift a sack onto a table 1. Robert Oberst in the deadlift1. Robert Oberst carrying a carTeam Beard

The USA snatch the overall Team Beard title from England! A solid effort throughout the team.

Nick Best7. Brian Shaw1. Robert Oberst9. Jerry Pritchett