Beard of the Month – May 2014

The winner is…

Geraint Walsh

Geraint Walsh 2The Welsh Rugby Writers Association Premiership Player of the Year. Easy to see why. Rather D’arcy-esque and wonderfully ginger.

Geraint Walsh 3

Geraint Walsh


The runners up…

Jake Buxton

Jake Buxton 2Buxton’s buxom beard led Derby to the Championship playoff final, but unfortunately lost out to QPR. Another year in the Championship will keep this beauty out of the limelight for at least another season.

Sébastien Chabal

France's Sebastien Chabal sits on the bench after being substituted during their Six Nations rugby union match against England in LondonRetired this month after 16 years of Rugby Union, dragon slaying and damsel rescuing. We may never see his like again.

Kaupo Margusonov


Guided his third tier team to the semi final of the Eesti Karikas, or the Estonian Cup. A classic big man who can play either at the back or up top.


Premier League Beard XI 2013/2014


This season, frankly, has not been a beardy classic. There have been some standout moments of course, but love for the beard has failed to fully infiltrate the Premier League, especially compared to rugby, American football and basketball.

Neverthless, here is the BeardWatch Beard XI 2013/2014.


Tim Howard, Everton

Winner of the inaugural Beard of the Month back in November, the beard departed this world shortly after. It still lives strong in the memory of many who beheld it for it’s overwhleming bushiness.



Antonia Luna, Aston Villa

Affectionately known as ‘Tony Moon’ by Villa fans, the beard has waxed and waned over the course of the season. Short and neat, but look at him, that’s the confidence only a beard can give.

Ashley Williams, Swansea

Another short beard here, but one that projects strength and authority. Handed the captain’s armband for Swansea and Wales, hoping to inspire the next generation of beard growers.


Ashley Cole, Chelsea

Cole’s prolonged stint on the sidelines gave him plenty of time to stealthily grow a brilliant beard. He popped up again newly hirsute to push for a place in the World Cup squad.


Ashkan Dejagah, Fulham

Fulham and Iran’s flying winger is going to the World Cup and it’s no surprise with that beard. Hopefully, he can cope with the Brazilian climate under all that facial foliage.


Sandro, Tottenham Hotspur

Sandro’s beard pony tail has surely assured him a place in any best ever football beard list for years to come. When others might trim, Sandro went right ahead and just tied it up. Possibly the biggest (only?) success of Tottenham’s wonky season.

Anthony Pilkington, Norwich City

The first of a Norwich City pair from a midfield packed with beards in an otherwise dismal season. Only made a handful of appearances due to injury, but the early season beardage blew many fans away with this rather special effort.

Robert Snodgrass

Robert Snodgrass, Norwich City

Scot Robert Snodgrass has had a lot of stick for his scruffy beard this season. BeardWatch can only salute the perseverance, whilst perhaps recommending a comb.

Nathan Dyer 2
Nathan Dyer, Swansea

Dyer’s beard has remained fairly meagre all season, but on occasion has been allowed to flourish. It’s not just been his pace frightening full backs up and down the Premier League.


Juan Mata, Chelsea/Man Utd

Arguably, not technically a beard, but his ever-present stubble sneaks him onto the list and fully justified his transfer fee in January. Excellent potential.

Andy Carroll, West Ham

Also a winner of Beard of the Month, Carroll grew the beard whilst injured and made a fantastic comeback in January. Once the beard went, so did his performances.


Andre Villas-Boas, ex-Tottenham Hotspur

A shocking shortage of beards in Premier League management is almost certainly linked with the amount of managers sacked this season. Of course, AVB and his sexy stubble was also sacked this season, so maybe not…

Do you agree with the Beard XI? Who should have made it onto the list?

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Sébastien Chabal

Rugby player. French International. Medieval Warrior-King. Beard.

These can only jointly be applied to one man, Sébastien Chabal.

Chabal Terminator

Oh, and apparently also a Terminator.

Let’s rewind, here he is naked-faced.

Just look at the state of him.

Now look at him.Chabal 2

You do not mess with this man or this beard.

Chabal has been a professional since 1998 playing for Bourgoin, Sale Sharks, Racing Métro 92 and Lyon. He has also earned 62 caps for France and has been the highest paid Rugby Union player in France since 1997. This is largely due to his distinct looks, and the nickname l’Homme des Cavernes – The Caveman.

Personally I see him more as a Crusader Knight, slaying heathens with a broadsword from the back of a mighty steed, or wooing damsels with a quick shake of the beard.

France's Sebastien Chabal sits on the bench after being substituted during their Six Nations rugby union match against England in LondonThe big man is hanging up his boots this Sunday after a final game against La Rochelle.

A true legend of bearded sportsman. We may never see his kind again.

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