Beard of the Month – January 2014

The winner is:

Andy Carroll

West Ham United and England FootballerAndy CarrollMade his first appearance for West Ham on 12th January after missing the first half of the season with a heel injury. He obviously didn’t waste the time spent on the sidelines. Here’s a bit more beard action:

Andy Carroll 3 Andy carroll 2Runners up:

Stephen Hendry

Scottish Snooker player and punditStephen HendryThe former champion of everything has now hung up his snooker cue and appear regularly as a BBC snooker pundit. Sporting a smart beard these days almost makes him look a bit sexy.

Álvaro Negredo

Manchester City and Spain footballerNegredoNegredo has been a revelation since signing for Man City in the summer. Scored a hat trick against West Ham with 9 goals overall in January.

Alun Norris

English Darts playerAlan Norris 1Seeded 27th in the BDO World Darts, Alun Norris and his goatee surprised everyone by reaching his first ever final.

Beard Memories…

Thanks to Oli (@spoolfrog) for sending this to !

Just thought I’d drop you a line with my favourite ever bit of beard-related sports commentary. This goes back to the year 2000 I think, or maybe 2001, I was watching the Super 12 Rugby (as it then was) on Sky Sports. As the teams ran out the commentator came out with this pearler in his strong kiwi accent (it sounds loads better if you say it to yourself in kiwi accent, too):

 “Well the Auckland Blues have been on the road for three weeks straight now…and as you can see, that’s given some members of the squad… the opportunity…to grow beards.”  Long pause.  “And that’s what makes this such a great competition.

Would love some video/audio on this if anyone can dig it up!

It’d also be good to see any other beard related commentary videos or memories of beards past. Please email

BDO Darts Beard Preview 2014

The British Darts Organisation (BDO) World Championships started on Saturday and I was interested to see the beardy prospects for the title.

The main contender has to Martin “Wolfy” Adams:

Martin AdamsAdams takes part in his *21st* consecutive World Championships and is looking for his 4th title. The beard has been ever-present and is looking dignified with the grey spreading further every year.

The third seed is Tony “Silverback” O’Shea (Don’t you just love darts nicknames?):

Tony O'SheaSporting a neat goatee these days, Tony has been known for his facial hair for many years. The Silverback has reached the final of the World Championships three times but has never won. Perhaps this new streamlined look will do the business this year?

If you had to draw a generic darts player, it’s likely you’d draw Daryl Fitton:

Darryl FittonThe big man’s got it all. Tats, belly and beard. Beautiful. Seeded at number 5, has got a genuine shot at the title but has never made the final.

Alan Norris has had an interesting career. He’s lived in Scotland, Spain and Holland and played darts for Sweden and England.

Alan NorrisAnother be-goateed dartist, Alan is an outsider in the World Championships and ranked at 27 in the world.

What I love about all these guys is that despite being very eloquent and giving good interviews, you just know each of them could knock ten bells out of you without even trying. I always imagine Tony O’Shea and Martin Adams as opposing Cockney Mafia bosses in a Guy Ritchie film.

Unfortunately that’s pretty much it for darts beards in the BDO. I went into this thinking there’d be at least 10, but there’s a new generation of young, clean-shaven darts players from the continent. Actually, it’s probable most of them are too young to grow a beard.

Hopefully, the gentleman above can inspire them.

**UPDATE** Wolfy has whitewashed the Silverback in the first round!

World’s Strongest Man 2013

I used to be an avid watcher of World’s Strongest Man (WSM), but have unfortunately missed the last few years. This year, however, I was right back in it.

And what a year for beards.

The standout for me was the strength of the English contingent. And I don’t mean lifting big stones and lobbing kegs over their heads (Seriously, how did no one brain themselves doing that?). The beards, oh the beards…

English-strongmenThe Englishman here (From top left, clockwise)
Terry Hollands, Mark Felix, Lloyd Renals and Eddie Hall.

Terry Hollands is the most experienced of the team, having been at various points England’s, Britain’s and the UK’s Strongest Man, and has reached the final of WSM for the last 9 years, finishing 3rd on two occasions.

Mark Felix is the oldest competitor in WSM at 47 years old!

For me, Eddie Hall is Britain’s Strongest Bearded Man. I bet he has a massive motorbike too.

If England are Team Beard in this competition, the USA are definitely Team Goatee.

USA-strongmenNick Best, Mike Burke and Brian Shaw

The winner of December’s Beard of the Month was American, Robert Oberst. Not content with a goatee, he went all the way.

Robert Oberst 1He’s so new to the sport, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, but is already making a big name for himself in the Strong Man world.

Speaking exclusively to BeardWatch (well sort of, he tweeted me anyway), Robert said:

I’d like to thank my producer and my team of hair care professionals. LOL

The ultimate Strong Man Beard must be Geoff Capes.Geoff-capes-3There may have been bigger and better beards (unlikely), but Geoff is the only man to win the competition with a beard. Twice. The first of only 3 Brits to win and he still holds the UK Shot Put record from 1980.

Bush-faced ball-throwing man-monster.

What other beards have you spotted in the competition? Let us know in the comments below!