Beard of the Month – December

Hashim Amla 22%

Mitchell Johnson 7%

Robert Oberst 59%

Simon Whitlock 11%

The winner is Robert Oberst!

World’s Strongest Man Finalist and the USA’s Strongest Man. This guy eats 3.5lbs of steak a DAY. Here he is lifting an atlas stone using only his beard (… and his arms):Robert Oberst 1

Hashim Amla

Opener for South Africa and currently ranked as the top batsman in the world. Scored a cool 100 off 117 balls recently against India.Hasim amla

Mitchell Johnson

Australian fast bowler currently obliterating the English batsmen in the fourth test of the Ashes. With a moustache.Mitchell Johnson 1

Simon Whitlock

Currently in the Quarter Finals of the BDO Darts Championships and is actually upset that Phil ‘The  Power’ Taylor is out of the competition so he can’t beat the big man himself.Simon whitlock 1<<Beard of the Month – November

Olof Mellberg

Well Merry Christmas to you, it’s Mellberg time.

I’ve been an admirer of Olof for many years now since the 2002 World Cup, where he had to be separated from Freddy Ljungberg after fighting in training. Olof had put in a meaty challenge, and Ljungberg’s beard jealousy overflowed. They also argued at the 2006 World Cup, and Mellberg later relinquished the captaincy.Olof mellberg 2At 25, he was only at the beginning of a beard journey.

Mellberg has always been a bit of a bad boy, and was sent home along with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Christian Wilhelmsson after breaking a curfew. What a great night out that sounds like!

Olof mellberg villaHe played the largest chunk of his career at Aston Villa, playing 232 games and becoming a club legend. On his final game for Villa against West Ham in 2008, he gave every single fan at Upton Park a replica shirt with his name and number on the back.


The beard was now in full flow. Thick, manly and rugged. Classic Scandinavian lumberjack look about him.

Olof mellberg 4

It’s not the biggest beard. It’s not the longest. But it’s always been there. It feels reassuring. It feels right.Olof mellberg

At the age of 36, he’s still banging in important goals for Copenhagen in the Champions League.

Olof Mellberg. We wish we were you.

Snooker’s Bearded Pioneers

During the 2013 UK Snooker Championships (Won by the non-bearded Neil Robertson) I pondered on the sad lack of bearded snookerists.

Shockingly, there has never been a bearded world snooker champion. Why such discrimination? What are they scared of?

The closest we’ve come is John Virgo who reached the semi finals and won the UK championships in 1979.

John VirgoOthers in the game were obviously jealous of JV, here’s Ray Reardon enjoying some beard banter in an exhibition match in 1985.

JV is obviously a beard pioneer, and for that we salute him.

In the modern game, beards are still sadly under-represented. One notable exception is Anthony Hamilton.

Photo: Rob Matthews. 14.1.07 Masters Snooker, Wembley Arena. Anthony HamiltonHe’s been sporting this little cavalier tache and goatee combination for many years. He’s from Nottingham, England, and has been nicknamed the ‘Sheriff of Pottingham’, which I can’t decide whether it’s brilliant or awful… Hamilton’s been pretty regular in the final stages of ranking tournaments over the last 20 years but has only reached two finals, losing both.

Marcus Campbell has been on the circuit since 1991, but I must admit to not knowing his name until this year. The ‘Dumbarton Destroyer’ famously whitewashed Stephen Hendry 9-0 in 1998 when Hendry was at the peak of his clean-shaven powers.

Marcus CampbellChris Moyles-a-like Campbell reached a career high ranking of 20 in April 2012.

However, the ultimate bearded player is also notable for a few other things. Rory Mcleod is currently the only black and only Muslim snooker player, but mainly he’s the only no-messing-around-full-bearded professional player.

Rory McleodHe didn’t reach the last 16 of a ranking tournament until 2005, peaking in 2009 when he won the Masters Qualifying event earning a place at the 2010 Masters.

Rory Mcleod 2He’s been linked with controversy though, refusing to shake the hand of a female referee and being accused of playing too slowly.

The slow playing can’t be his fault. If you had that beard, wouldn’t you get lost in your thoughts as you stood and stroked it considering your next shot? I love how it’s parted for his cue. Amazing beard.

Here’s Rory completing a rare ‘Double-double’. Legend.

Fun beardy snooker fact! Hamilton, Campbell and Mcleod were born within 6 months of each other in 1971 and all became professional in 1991.

Know any other beardy snooker players? Let us know in the comments below.

2013 Formula 1 Beards

Formula 1 driver may not be the most obvious of bearded sports, but the Brazil Grand Prix showed the drivers finally awakening to the power of the beard.

Brazil Grand PrixI make that 7 beards! Both Toro Rosso drivers (top right) Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Éric Vergne, and (bottom row left to right) Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Sebastien Vettel, and both Mclaren drivers Jenson Button and Sergio Perez. What a fantastic effort from a beard backward sport.

Lewis Hamilton is worth a shout for persevering over the last few years in a sport that requires a tight fitting helmet.

Lewis Hamilton 1

He’s gone for the chin strap beard, and has done for a few years now. Maybe as a reaction to being such a babyfaced rookie when he started at the top table of motor racing. We can only speculate that his off and on relationship with Nicole Scherzinger was due to her wanting him to grow a bigger beard.

The best beard of the lot has to be Jenson Button’s ginger number.

Jenson ButtonHow he fits this chin helmet in his crash helmet, I do not know.

Sebastian Vettel, Fernando AlonsoAnd as if proof were needed of beard superiority here’s Fernando Alsonso (left) and Sebastien Vettel (right) who comfortably finished 2nd and 1st in the Driver’s Championship.

Well done Formula One, you’re on the way up!