Bearded man swims from Land’s End to John O’Groats!

And if you’re not from Britain, that means 1,000 miles from the bottom left pointy bit up to the top right bit, which for the British is about as far as we can possibly imagine.

Sean-ConwayAnyway, here is the beard with Sean. I was going to do a bit on “Look how mighty and ginger it is! It gives him the strength to swim” and so on. However, on reading about him he really DID grow the beard to help him swim!

“The hardest part was trying to deal with the weather, the cold and jelly fish in the face. I had to grow this ridiculous beard to stop the stings.” – BBC News

Sean-Conway 3“Ridiculous”?! The cold water must have got to his brain. Luckily, his chin would have stayed lovely and warm.

There we have it, scientific proof that beards increase endurance and help you swim up the sides of whole countries.

Sean-Conway 2Sean is no stranger to a beard having previously cycled around the world for a whole year and not shaving. (WARNING – link contains graphic footage of a beard being shaved off)

Sean Conway, we salute you and your beard. We hope you see sense and keep it this time.

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